Balesia Technologies is a Leader in Telecom Innovation
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Core Carrier Deployments
  • Smart City IOT Deployments and Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud-Based Carrier Data Architecture Migrations
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Data Sciences Services for Carrier Optimization
  • Data Monetization for Additional Revenue Channels for Carriers
  • High Packet Loss Repair CDN Optimizations for Unrivaled Streaming and Gaming Performance
  • E-Gaming Communications and CDN Platform
  • Global Payment Solutions in Decentralized and Closed/Open Loop Environments
  • Mobile/In-Store Commerce and Enterprise Marketplace Solutions
  • WEB3 Compatible Infrastructure for Carrier Ecosystems
Balesia Technologies Offers a Full Stack of Technology to Optimize Mobile Network Operators

BTECH's technology stack transforms traditional mobile network operators' architecture to have a modern foundation for the future. BTECH provides cutting edge tools, resources and business models to unlock additional revenue streams for carriers. Contact Us to see what BTECH can do for your network.

Extra Carrier benefits

Current mobile broadband architecture with centralized packet switching unnecessarily overloads transmission networks and centralized packet switching functions with the increasingly demanding traffic loads generated by today’s multimedia applications.

MEC distributes packet switching functions to the edge of the network, to hub sites or even to base station sites depending on the use case. It reduces load on centralized packet switching gateways and allows high bandwidth networks to be built at a lower cost and with greater quality.

And more for carrier

MEC negates the latency associated with back haul to the cloud by conducting a portion of the storage, data transfer, and computing at the network “edge”. In doing so it enables a wide variety of applications, where every millisecond counts resulting in:

Savings of Backhaul
5G Network Speeds
Maximizes user experience for customer retention
Balesia’s MEC integration compliments Macro, Micro and Mini-base stations, Small Cell, DAS, and Wi-Fi as a complete network solution