Integrated solutions DAS

In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become a critical part of both carrier cellular networks and enterprise infrastructure.

But as technology has evolved over the last 20 years it has become increasingly complex.

The list of acronyms alone can be overwhelming:
  • DAS
  • oDAS
  • Off-air DAS
  • Passive DAS
  • Hybrid DAS
  • And numerous others..
  • eDAS
  • Active DAS
Small Cells

Small cell is the term for a miniature base station that breaks up a cell site into much smaller pieces, and encompasses pico cells, micro cells, femtocells, and can consist of indoor/outdoor systems.

With a macro base station, there is only one pipe going into the network; with small cells, it breaks the pipe into many pipes. The main goal of small cell is to increase the macro cell’s edge data capacity, speed and overall network efficiency.

Small Cells to Municipalities

Small cells are typically used in very densely populated urban areas, such as shopping centers, sports venues, airports and train stations – basically anyplace you have a lot of people using data at a given point in time.

Most small cell infrastructure deployments are targeted for outdoor use today. In contrast, indoor small cell systems may or may not incorporate Wi-Fi or unlicensed LTE bands (LTE-U)/Licensed Assisted Access (LAA), depending on the capabilities that service providers want to support.

Right way structures
Macro sites

We have the technology and knowledge for the installation of several towers type:

  • From 200 to 2000 feet
  • Used in television and broadcasting, paging and telephony
Camouflauged Masts:
  • Maintain the aesthetic quality of the area where the tower is built
  • In areas of strict regulatory restrictions
  • From 100 to 200 or 200 to 400 feet
  • Used in telephony
Rooftop & Greenfield

Balesia Towers allows multiplicity of operators and technologies in a single infrastructure, reducing the number of facilities and the visual impact in cities. It also improves the quality of services, fosters a more competitive market, saves costs and improves the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Benefits of Balesia Towers
Our experience makes us unique
Our competitive advantage
Operation & Maintenance
  • Balesia implements turnkey infrastructure solutions
  • Balesia installs, operates and maintains all the solutions it provides
  • Balesia designs products, minimizing the impact on the environment in which they are implanted
  • Balesia promotes infrastructure development through its financing capacity
Experts team
Financial capability
  • Leading infrastructure operator in Latin America
  • Design of solutions according to our clients
  • Monitoring system through a regional NOC
  • A single channel of interaction for infrastructure management
  • Shared infrastructure

BTS agreements for municipality offering LED work, cameras or other works that it needs, related or not with poles

Give freedom to the municipality to allocate compensation for public space anywhere


Own technology and novel solutions


Availability of the structure for all operators and fiber companies at market prices without exclusivity


Wi-Fi in public spaces, and free usufruct for the municipality in the use of the infrastructure


Rapid action capacity

Financial solutions

Balesia Towers provides complete integrated operator services that can be negotiated into any tower lease model.

Balesia’s creative financial solutions for operators include the acquisition of:

  • BTS (Macro, micro, mini)
  • Antenna Systems
  • DAS
  • Small Cells
  • MEC
Balesia offers operators the opportunity to sell their existing tower assets to raise capital
Balesia then leases back to the operator the assets for continued use of the asset
All programs are unique to the operator’s needs