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Philosophy We carry out our business, with a real commitment to our clients, who are our main objective
Mission Serve our internal and external clients efficiently, building towers under the guidelines established in the TIA/EIA 222-F standard and according to their technological requirements. In addition to having the best Human and Technological capital, developing a culture of harmony, collaboration and professionalism with the aim of serving our clients every day better.
Vision To be the best telecommunications infrastructure and technologies provider throughout the Americas.

Balesia Group has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector covering Latin America, with an extensive network of contacts with Telecommunication operators.

Balesia Towers:
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Argentina
Our executive team Balesia Group has extensive experience and management in each country it operates in.
George Alvarez Shareholder

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Ken Hobbs Shareholder and General Counsel

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George Alvarez Shareholder

George Alvarez is a shareholder and manages financing activities of Balesia Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry.

Ken Hobbs Shareholder and General Counsel

Ken Hobbs is a shareholder and General Counsel of Balesia Group. His functions include mergers and acquisitions, financing, and governance matters, and management of local counsel in each country its subsidiaries operate.

Our objective

Deploy infrastructure for telecommunications on luminaries and other poles in road rights of way, green spaces, buildings and other spaces owned by a Municipality.

Manage the use of a fiber optic network for the deployment of value-added services (Wi-Fi, panic buttons, dependency connectivity, security cameras, etc.)

Manage the deployment process start to finish

Passive and active equipment (24/7/365)

Balesia Towers
  • Deploy and maintain fiber optic and wireless access networks
  • Provide fiber optic network for municipal use
Telecommunication Operators
  • Offer voice, data and video services to end users
  • Combine fiber optic resources already owned with those offered by Balesia
  • Provide Innovative Sales Channels for Rapid growth.
  • Greater connectivity
  • Improvement in speeds and decrease in prices
  • Reduction of digital divide
  • Provide poles (own and/or 3rd)
  • Authorize installation of poles and deployment of networks
  • Enjoy municipal network provided free of charge by Balesia
  • Smart City IOT Infrastructure
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Business model The municipality grants

Rights of use (non-exclusive) of luminaries and other poles in road rights of way, green spaces, buildings and other spaces owned by the Municipality.

Assign to Balesia rights on poles of third parties with which it has agreements of use (electric distributor, for example)

Guaranty authorizations and permits for installation, operation and maintenance.

The municipality gets

Access to fiber optic infrastructure network without cost for the benefit of its neighbors.

Generate additional municipal taxes associated with deployment (at rates to be agreed).

Improved connectivity for your neighbors for voice, data and video services.